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Archive for March, 2011

Bee Venom . . . The Good and the Bad

I was born the son of a beekeeper, who was a son of beekeeper, who was a son of beekeeper, who was….. Anyway, the bee venom runs deep.  So deep that as a kid I developed the classic curse of a beekeeper’s offspring – severe allergies to bee proteins. Probably because I received chronic-low dose […]

Posted on 03/31/2011 06:23 am | No Comments


Every beekeeper, whether they have 1 hive or thousands, has a story of how they started.  Some noticed their vegetable gardens were void of pollinators.  Some remembered that their grandfather had bees and they decided to experience it for themselves, and pass the knowledge onto their grandchildren.  Some are looking for a way to earn […]

Posted on 03/14/2011 06:21 am | No Comments
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